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22 year - old Miami city girl who has a love for mental wellness, personal freedom, photography, travel, and writing. Amanda graduated from Florida International University with a BS in Environmental Engineering and has pursued photography as a side hustle for about 3 years now. Her next passion project is creating a platform in which she can share her story and the life lessons she's learned in hopes of it serving as a survival guide for others. 

Joshua Tree

Aside from her passion in photography, Amanda is self-taught in Adobe editing applications and is happy to announce that she is sharing her editing style with her audience through the use of photo presets!

She is an avid believer in creativity being an essential aspect of self development, as it engages the mind and enhances all fields of life. 

So what better way to tap into your creative energy and simultaneously level up your Instagram game! Check out the shop here.

Amanda's goal is to inspire her audience to live an intentional lifestyle and to spread reminders regarding personal growth & discovery, positivity, and self love. 

By sharing her own personal experiences and practices, she intends to encourage her audience to embrace their authenticity and to kindly remind that "you are never alone. We are all more alike than we care to admit."

She aims to use this platform to expand on future passion projects, offer services, further build a community, and fulfill her life purpose of inspiring and helping others. 

Feel free to contact her at ( or DM her via Instagram (@amandaamartin_)

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